Facebook Privacy revised: Default audience now “Friends”, new privacy checkup tool en route

Facebook reaches 1 billion users mark

User privacy is of prime concern on social media and Facebook has perhaps realized this. It is now taking steps to protect its user’s privacy. Over sharing might not be available for new users in future as Facebook is intending to set default audience to “Friends” in place of “Public” as it is now. At times, it happens that a person wants to share any update with those in their friend list but the update gets listed as public and is visible to everyone. This is the lacuna with which Facebook wants to deal and offer more privacy to its new users. This move has been initiated by Facebook based on user’s feedback, where many of them expressed their anguish and concerns on their posts becoming public, even when it was intended for friends. For those who wish to share their updates publicly, this move on part of Facebook will [+more]

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Hurt By Facebook? Oculus Rift Dev Kit Sales Beg To Differ

The big news today is that Oculus Rift Dev Kit are seeing records sales post acquisition by Facebook. Insider sources reveal that pre orders on the second version of the kit have seen numbers close to 25,000. In fact, the sales for DK2 are way ahead of what was seen in its predecessor model. However, the bottom line remains that Facebook has not just tagged its name to Oculus but also added spunk to the reputation of Rift and Oculus. Many Kickstarter supporters who dished out close to 2 1/2 million dollars, are now fuming and demanding the funds back. Many developers are not over the moon about the deal with Facebook. Markus Persson, from Minecraft, is not optimistic on the VR version to Rift. Also read:  Facebook Turning Out To Be A New Yahoo, Halted Its Beautiful Redesign Why does Facebook Want to Buy Oculus Rift is now a Zillion [+more]

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Facebook Turning Out To Be A New Yahoo, Halted Its Beautiful Redesign

The world’s most popular social media site Facebook has stopped the release of its new and beautiful redesign. This comes as the company accepts that the redesign looks awesome on new computers having big and sharp screens, but the new upgrade is difficult to use on older computers featuring small and crappy screens. The majority of Facebook’s users are still having the small and crappy screens. Silicon Valley industry insiders are currently talking that Facebook is becoming the new Yahoo. Facebook has decided to scrap its photo-rich redesign and release a design that may look similar to its 2009 design but works really great for majority of its users. If Facebook fails to innovate on design as a result of its large install base, then the company is really becoming the next Yahoo. Yahoo has operated with a classic innovator’s dilemma almost since its start. It was unable to trial [+more]

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Why does Facebook Want to Buy Oculus Rift is now a Zillion $ Question for its Users


After creating a watershed in the arena of social networking in the name of Facebook, the CEO and founder of the world’s largest social networking site has moved one step ahead to acquire Oculus Rift for approximately 2 billion$. Zuckerberg, as being quoted by the leading media when he was enquired of why does Facebook want to buy Oculus Rift, has stated that he wants that virtual reality should influence the lives of the techno savvy mass just after mobiles.  He also said that he dreams of building another computing platform that would be as popularized and big as the vast world of mobile phones. At a conference call on Tuesday night the CEO cum founder of Facebook has shared his experience of using the VR headset and commented that it is something “revelatory” and unprecedented in his life till date.  It has been designed by the 21 year old [+more]

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It Could Be A Case of Big Fish Eating The Small One: Why Would Facebook Buy Whatsapp?

why would facebook buy whatsapp

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook has announced its plans to buy fast-growing messaging service Whatsapp in a $19 billion deal in cash and stock. This is an unprecedented purchase as the deal one can consider closest to this was done by Microsoft when they bought Skype at a price of $8.5. Incidentally, Facebook also took over Instagram at only $1 billion last year, while Japanese e-commerce company Rakuten bought Viber at a modest $ 900 million. So, why would Facebook buy Whatsapp, and at this price? Industry insiders and M&A experts say that Facebook acquisition of Whatsapp–even Instagram–suggests their inability to develop such good apps. This deal is more than the amount Facebook raised in its own IPO and has left investors worrisome. Many recent news reports and jokes floating in cyberspace suggest that Facebook was turning into a network for the ageing. Its population of active teenage users was fast depleting. [+more]

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Nokia Asha 210 Gets Catapulted In The Market With A Free WhatsApp And Facebook Button


Its success with Windows Phone 8 notwithstanding, Nokia’s busy adding to its lineup of low-cost mobile phones. The newest entrant in this range is the Asha 210 which comes with an exclusive key for WhatsApp for the Asian and African markets, and a Facebook button for the European and Latin American markets. The phone comes in many colorful options including yellow, blue, magenta, white and black and has 2 SIM card slots. The Asha 210 has a QWERTY keypad design, similar to the Asha 308 and 309 launched last year. Priced at $72 for Asia and Africa, owners get free lifetime access to WhatsApp, offering a promising time for the app as well. The Asha 210 for Europe and Latin America comes with a price tag of $40 with a dedicated Facebook button. In addition, there’s YouTube, Twitter and Facebook preloaded into the phone. The phone has a 2.4-inch LCD [+more]

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Is The First Facebook Phone To Die For: HTC Design Doesn’t Shout For Attention


Finally, we got a peek into HTC’s Facebook phone, called the First, and so far, we have to say, we like what we saw. First off, it’s got a typical HTC design – minimalistic, nothing that shouts out for attention. The phone isn’t exactly a powerhouse – it’s got a 4.3-inch screen with a resolution of 1280X720 pixels and reminds us of the first iPhone. It’s powered by a decent dual-core 1.4 GHz Snapdragon processor and 1 GB of RAM. There’s 16 GB of internal storage, but no microSD card slot and a 2,000 mAh battery. The camera turned to be a bit of a disappointment with a resolution of just 5 MP. For a Facebook phone, focused so much on social networking, we would’ve loved at least an 8 MP offering. As for the front-facing camera, there’s a 1.6 MP one for your video calls. The device runs on [+more]

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Not Just A HTC One And Samsung Galaxy S4 Thing Anymore, Facebook Lord Is Coming With Stunner Of A Phone

HTC First Vs HTC One Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3

It’s been a while since we heard about how Facebook was busy working on bringing out a whole smartphone of its own. Given how most of the activity on this popular social network comes via mobile devices, it’s not surprising that Mark Zuckerberg’s creation has decided to take the plunge into the technology space directly. But in a world where Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android mobile OS’s reign supreme and a bunch of others like BlackBerry and Windows Phone fight hard to occupy a distant third place, do we really need yet another smartphone that stands out so much? And as addicted as we are to Facebook, do we really need a completely dedicated Facebook smartphone? Or is an Android or iOS Facebook app more than adequate? Facebook is trying to expand beyond being just a social network that keeps you connected with your friends. With its active push for [+more]

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Go Zuckerberg Go! Facebook Amps Up Its Energy With A Pulled Together And Polished News Feed

facebook paper app release date

Like we said before, March 7th was the date when Facebook got a major makeover, and from the first look, we’re quite impressed! A redesigned NewsFeed that focuses more on the images and gives more power to the users for customization should not just keep the users happy, but could also spell good news for the advertisers. Mark Zuckerberg wanted Facebook’s NewsFeed to offer a better story design, more choices and consistent experience on mobile devices as well as PC browsers, and looks like this will get him there. In Zuckerberg’s words, Facebook’s trying to give its users “the best personalized newspaper” possible, which is “intricate, rich and engaging”. Users now get larger images displayed on their NewsFeeds, in addition to larger maps, news articles, app information, etc. Users can also choose to sort their feeds in a chronological order or be more selective in getting updates about the different [+more]

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Hey, Facebook User, Are You Sharing More Than You’d Like?

Carnegie Mellon Facebook Report

While many of us have become wary of sharing excessive personal information on social network Facebook, an exhaustive seven-year study by researchers at the Carnegie Mellon University suggests that users are unwittingly sharing more personal information online than ever. Each time Facebook made changes to its user interface or settings, people shared more private information. This information was available to friends and the “silent listeners”. Silent listeners, according to the report, are Facebook, third-party app developers and advertisers. The Carnegie Mellon report gathered data from about 5000 Facebook users in the university network to understand the development of privacy and disclosure from 2005 till 2011. The number of fields one could fill in on Facebook went up three times during this time. While the information users shared went down from 2005 to 2009, there was an upsurge of information in 2009 when Facebook changed how people could navigate the settings [+more]

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