How to Make Smartphones Lighter: Samsung Graphene Breakthrough Could Pave Way For Lighter, Flexible Devices

samsung galaxy s5 release date

Korean giant Samsung has finally announced that it has met success to an extent in making graphene. This spells chances that smartphones and gadgets in the future could be more flexible. How to Make Smartphones Lighter? With this latest breakthrough, carbon atoms stand densely clubbed in a latticed hexagon on lines of honeycomb. Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology has collaborated with Sungkyunkwan University and is now numero uno to have utilized method for synthesis for graphene production. This could mean a deal breaker for use on semi conductors. Samsung’s breakthrough will now make the entire process easier. Graphene, in this stage could bring about better heat conductance ratio and flexibility for use on semi conductors, chipsets and the likes.  Also Read:  Google Is Central to Latest Apple-Samsung $2 bn Case, But How? New Samsung Gear 2 OS Is Tizen, Moves Away From Android

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Google Is Central to Latest Apple-Samsung $2 bn Case, But How?

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Apple has once again filed a suit against Samsung seeking $2 billion in damages. The iPhone maker has said Samsung has violated five of its mobile software patents. Yet again, a battle of the giants will be fought at a San Jose courtroom. However, Samsung has said that it has licensed 4 of such features as a part of the Android operating system of Google. This has dragged Google into the big fight. Apple and Samsung are leaders in the smartphone market and they have been in a tough fight in sales for the last couple of years. Together, both of them are accountable for maximum profit generated in the smartphone market. However, it’s important to consider here that a major part of the fight is due to their operating systems—Apple’s iOS versus Google’s Android OS. The world is divided between Google and Apple because their dominant operating systems provide [+more]

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New Samsung Gear 2 OS Is Tizen, Moves Away From Android

Samsung Gear 2 Uses Tizen OS

The most interesting launches at the MWC in Barcelona this year have clearly been from Samsung. They launched the much-awaited Samsung S5 with finger print features. Alongside, they also launched their second smartwatch, the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 and a fitness band called Gear Fit. Samsung took the leading in wearable technology with the Samsung Smartwatch that was launched in 2013. However, now that things are in the running, it seems Samsung has made some significant changes to its maiden smartwatch. While the Galaxy Gear worked on Google’s Android OS, the latest Gear 2 OS is Tizen. It’s being said that the primary reason for the shift in OS is to enhance battery life. The Gear 2 comes in two models—Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo and runs Tizen OS that was developed by Samsung with various partners. The new Samsung smartwatch comes in three interesting colors–black, orange and brown. [+more]

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Top 3 Tablets; Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Vs Google Nexus 7 Vs Apple iPad 5: The Beasts Take The Charge


The tech world has given us an array of tabs and devices that not only made our world easier but also interesting. From the wide range that’s available now-a-days, let’s compare the beasts i.e. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Google Nexus 7 and Apple iPad 5. Sporting an 8-megapixel rear camera, the Apple iPad 5 is made thinner and lighter. Apple iPad 5 is speculated to sport a 9.7-inch screen, running A7 Quad core processor and firm’s upcoming iOS 7. Along with Retina Display, the new iPad 5 might roll out with 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB storage choices. Set for release in October this year, the Google Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 come in the same price range, below $200.    Sporting a 7-inch screen, the Nexus 7 stands 7.81 inches tall with 4.72 inches width and 0.41 inches thickness. The device weighs about 340 grams and holds [+more]

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Top 5 Reasons Why Apple iPhone 6 Towers Over Samsung Galaxy Note 3


With Apple’s next-gen smartphone iPhone 6 all set to unveil next week, let’s stack it up against Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to see how it towers over the latter. Size Sporting a 5.7-inch display, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 looks like a giant device as compared to Apple iPhone 6’s rumored 4-inch screen. This means the former will be heavier and thicker, hence less pocketable in contrast with the latter. Software The iPhone 6 will run on apple’s upcoming iOS 7 operating system whereas the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will run Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface. However, Apple is speculated to add some extra exciting features including improved camera choices and a fingerprint reader. Longevity Apple will continually offer regular updates to its iOS 7, which users will enjoy till the firm comes out with iOS 11. However, Samsung has failed to show any such commitment [+more]

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Anticipation Building Up For IFA 2013: From Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to HTC One Max


Welcoming the invention, new technologies and latest gadgets, tech freaks await to see what IFA brings every year. Let’s take a look at expected inventions this year.   Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will debut at this year’s IFA. Designed to roll out in two versions, one variant of the Galaxy Note 3 could hold the new Exynos 5 Octa processor and the other a quad-core Snapdragon 800 chip. Holding 3GB of RAM, the device might sport a 13-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization and LTE. Samsung Galaxy Gear Along with Note 3, the Korean manufacturer will disclose its Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Expected to have around five colors, the smartwatch might hit the shelves by September end. Sony’s flagship smartphones Sony might unveil its next flagship waterproof smartphones under three names including the Honami, the Xperia i1 and the Xperia Z1. Lenovo’s multi-mode fun With an event [+more]

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At IFA: Will Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Run Its Own OS?


Everyone is waiting for Samsung’s much spoken about smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear. It is not because it will be the first smartwatch. There are a few good options available right now like the Pebble. And Sony has been making them for years. They just haven’t taken off. Then again, they have never been truly necessary or even convenient. And yet iPhones weren’t the first touch screen phones and iPads weren’t the first tablets. There has recently been much speculation and many rumours about the Galaxy Gear smartwatch and recently some leaks as well. Most of them agree that the screen of the watch will be from 2.5 to 3 inches with an OLED display. The watch is supposed to be able to read all kinds of health related data, like pulse and step count. It is believed that it will run a special keyboard less version of Android 4.3 or [+more]

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Erstwhile CEO Steve Ballmer to Leave Microsoft , Windows 7 A Bust, How This Effects Apple and Samsung

Windows 8.1 Updates: Miracast Media Sharing, Cortana for Windows Phone Outside the U.S., and Windows 8.2 Teasers

    Yes, it is true that Steve Ballmer is leaving Microsoft, literally the end of an era. While Microsoft might not dominate the tech arena like in earlier days, it still clocked 77.9 billion dollars in revenue this past year. Thus, it is certainly one of the big dogs. I’m not going to go into why Ballmer is leaving the company which has been so successful at, let us rather focus on what this means for its competition. Microsoft has been having a rough time recently. It hasn’t been able to adapt to how volatile industry has now become like it competition, for example Samsung. While Windows and Office are still some of the best selling products any company can have, investors are showing more confidence in companies like Apple with its outstanding iPhone – even though the revenues of Microsoft are more! Windows 7 was a bust but [+more]

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Samsung Galaxy S5′s Whim: With An Aluminium Body It Could Have More Muscle Than Apple iPhone 6?


Who won’t like to see Samsung Galaxy S5 sporting a metal body? The whispers are that Samsung Galaxy S5 might go through a ‘METAL’ (as against plastic body) makeover. The reports coming from the firm in regards to the upcoming device suggest that this time the Galaxy line-up of devices will roll out with aluminum body. (We are elated to here that) Stepping into the shoes of Apple iPhone 6, HTC One, Sony Xperia Z and Nokia Lumia series , Samsung Galaxy S5 , if we go by the rumor, would be stronger and sturdier. While it’s predecessor- the Galaxy S4 , though carved out of plastic, created quite a stir in the smartphone market (thanks to it’s Smart Stay features and gesture controls) It seems Samsung has realized that metal devices are sturdier than the plastic ones. This could be seen as a major move by Samsung in its [+more]

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Apple iPhone 6 May Come in Hot Waters: LG Optimus G2 to Go Razor Blade Thin?


Looking forward to some of the new devices expected to roll out soon, let’s examine the specifications of the LG Optimus G2, comparing it to see whether it will surpass the Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5. Considering the rumors and speculations, read on for a general idea of what the devices might look like. Anticipated to be launched in October, the LG Optimus G2 could run Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie in beta form. With a 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor, the LG G2 might hold a 5.2-inch Full HD display with either 2 or 3GB of RAM. This smartphone might come out with internal storage options of 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. What makes the device surpass other is the slimmest HD panel that it holds. For the iPhone 6, many reports indicate that the device might roll out with exciting upgrades in 2014. However, rumors [+more]

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