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My Yahoo Account Is Hacked, What To Do?

what to do when gmail yahoo hacked

The free email systems that we have come to be so reliant on seem to be facing some troubled waters. Last week, many Gmail account holders suffered because of the outage at Google. Yesterday, Yahoo mail was attacked yet again and many accounts compromised. This means our emails are not safe and it’s important we know when it has occurred. We also need to know what we need to do when something like this happens. Firstly, do not sit smug in the belief that our email accounts are safe. Despite the best efforts from companies like Yahoo and Google, accounts do get hacked! Here’s what to do next: 1. If you feel your account has been hacked, the first thing to do is to go through the information available on the official site of your email provider. That will give you instructions on what you have to do after your account has [+more]

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The Most Searched Website By Indian Users: Facebook , Google And Yahoo!


  A survey by Bharti Airtel has revealed that Facebook ,Google  and Yahoo !are the most visited website by the internet users. It is between and 10-11 pm that these websites witness the most heavy traffic. The fourth edition of Airtel Mobiude 2012 revealed, “The maximum data is consumed from these websites between 10-11pm. Google, the no.1 search engine receives the highest no of unique visitors. Meanwhile, Facebook has the most time spent by the users. The survey is conducted every year to get the pulse of mobile users  in India. The wallpapers are big hit amidst the users and there is a 300% jump in its downloads. Katrina’s hit Chikni Chameli has been downloaded the maximum times. And in actors and actress, Katrina and Shahrkh lead the pack in terms of most searched celebrity.   During the year, MMS crossed the one million mark on Diwali and jumped 145 [+more]

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Google is Top Earner in US Online Display Ads


According to a latest report by market research firm eMarketer, Google Inc is not only the major search giant but also the biggest earner in the US online display ads. Cementing its foothold in the online advertising, Google emerged as the leader in all categories including search and mobile. As per eMarketer, a digital advertising research firm, Google stays at the top in the market of online display advertising and accounts for around $2.31 billion in revenues, covering 15.4 percent of display ad market this year. With this report, Google stays ahead of Facebook Inc in display, followed by Yahoo! Inc, Microsoft Corp. and AOL Inc. Most of its success accounts for the growth of advertising on YouTube along with Admob-Google’s mobile advertising service. The eMarketer report also indicated that there will be an increase of 21.5 percent in the overall US display ad market, which will grow to $14.98 [+more]

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Protect Your Privacy Online With Do not Track in Google Chrome


  For everybody who’s been concerned about privacy issues when using Google’s software and tools, here’s some great news. Google has now featured the Do Not Track (DNT) in the latest developer build of Google Chrome. Do Not Track essentially informs websites about when a user chooses to opt out of behavioral tracking. It’s a great tool to protect your privacy online with regards to your browsing patterns, but Google hasn’t shown too much enthusiasm until now to implement it in Chrome, while other browsers like IE10, Safari and Firefox have already put this feature in. There are talks that even though Chrome could begin to feature DNT options soon, it may not be automatically turned on by default the way Microsoft does in IE. Google of course has its own reasons for not being too keen on it, as the search engine giant relies on tracking users’ browsing patterns [+more]

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“Tweets Should Be Private and Entitled To Constitutional Privacy”: Twitter


Twitter on Monday filed an appeal in Occupy Wall Street court order, which told the former to turn over three months tweets of one of its user, who is being prosecuted for the protests over Occupy Wall Street. In an ongoing court fight to identify users’ rights in social media accounts, Twitter Inc. said that tweets should be private and entitled to constitutional privacy protections as they are no longer visible on the social site. The San Francisco-based company called its role as a “voice of liberty around the globe”. The case is related to the Twitter account of activist Malcolm Harris, who was arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge during a 2011 protest. The brief is filed in the New York State Supreme Court. Early in 2012, prosecutors issued warrant against Harris, asking Twitter to turn over information for two names associated with Harris: “@destructuremal” and “@getsworse.” Twitter responded by telling [+more]

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Investors Get Angry as Mayer Decides to Keep $4.2B in Dividends


Hardly a month after Marissa Mayer took place as CEO of Yahoo!, investors seem to have got annoyed. It seems like Mayer in not measuring up to investors’ expectations, at least for short-term goals. Following Mayer’s new financial strategy, Yahoo! shares continue to fall sharply as the company sees a downfall of 5.37 percent that is low as compared to what investors expected of dividends. Earlier in May, Yahoo! announced its plan to sell half of its 40 percent stake in the Chinese company Alibaba that accounts for $7.1 billion. However, investors believed that the proceeds from the sale of Yahoo!’s stake in Alibaba, which is around $4.2 billion would be returned to all shareholders in the form of dividends. This made all shareholders rejoice, but Mayer had some long-term plans. She dismissed the plan of issuing dividends and announced to develop long-term shareholder value. However, Yahoo! told the Securities and [+more]

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Google Plans to Take Piracy Down with Search


Google is getting all geared up against attacks on piracy by tweaking its search formula. The online search giant plans to offer great priority to legal content on the Internet and sink rankings for website that have pirate content. The company said the websites, who violate copyright norms will be punished. In a recent blog post, Amit Singhal, senior vice president of Google engineering stated that Google will begin taking a new signal, considering valid copyright removal notices in its ranking algorithm, so that users can be directed to legitimate content easily. The company revealed receiving removal notices for more than 4.3 million URLs over the last 30 days. This sudden growing figure has surpassed all the notices the company received in all of 2009. It is believed that search engines play a difficult role in the battle against piracy, as they index but get no part in hosting pirated [+more]

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Google Pays $22.5 Million, Settles Safari Charges


Google Inc will settle FTC privacy charges over Safari with a penalty of $22 million. The latter had claimed Google to evade the privacy settings of customer using Apple’s Safari browser. All members of the Federal Trade Commission cast their vote to support a consent verdict that will let Google settle the agency’s inquiry but confess no responsibility. However, an official announcement is expected within days. It was alleged that Google used ‘cookies’ computer code to trick Apple’s Safari browser so it could monitor users who had blocked such tracking. However, Google said the tracking was unintentional and that it collected no personal information such as names, addresses or credit card data. This settlement by the top search engine provider, Google, was expected for more than a month now. This settlement has put an end to one of the growing list of legal conflicts Google faces from regulators in the [+more]

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Flash Sandbox and Chrome Merge for Strong Flash Player on Windows


Experts at Google are trying to make content on Flash secure for all users so that they can easily and safely hop on from one page to another while surfing on web. As Google tries to keep users safe in Chrome, the team has taken steps to update Chrome by bringing in a great level of sandbox security to Adobe Flash Players on Windows. Google today announced setting in the Flash Player plug-in along with Chrome for Windows, including Windows XP inside a new and enhanced sandbox. The company states that this plug-in will be strong and robust. Along with security, it is also believed that this will further lessen chrome crashes by about 20 percent. Earlier, the Flash plug-in on Chrome for Windows used the older Netscape Plug-in Application Programming Interface (NPAPI). And now the company has switched to Google’s own Pepper Plug-in API (PPAPI). Working on it for around two [+more]

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Now You Will See Gmail in Google Search Results


Trying to create a bridge between Google’s search results and popularly users Gmail, experts at Google are trying their hands on to provide quick personal responses to its users. With stress on personal information, Google will now draw information from users’ Gmail accounts to put it on its main results page. This experimental feature will let Google search engine look for data that is stored in users’ Gmail for any information that corresponds with users’ search. Google is a commanding leader in the Internet search and the company knows that this new feature can raise some privacy concern. Hence, this feature will initially be tested with just 1 million users who sign up at A popular e-mail service, Gmail currently has more than 425 million users. With this latest feature, they can explore their personal e-mail accounts to find anything they need, such as an online order or flight [+more]

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